Workplace Injuries and Painful Conditions Can Be Prevented and Mitigated:

So, you’ve just spent eight hours at your desk and an hour in rush-hour traffic, and it’s time to prop your feet up on the couch and relax! But you’re in so much pain from sitting all day that you can’t even enjoy it. This is the reality for millions of American’s today. The good news? Routine exercises throughout the day can help manage pain and burn some calories too. Here are a few daily exercises that can be done on the job.

Stretch It Out:

Avoid common workplace injuries and pain by stretching. Stretching is a great way to help ease tension in places like your neck and back throughout the day. And, it can easily be done from your desk. Try stretching your neck: touch your ear to your shoulder and hold for 10 seconds, then try the other side. For your shoulders, try reaching to a spot on your back that you can’t normally get to, making sure to focus on your chest expanding and your shoulders reaching. Finally, get up and walk around the office once every hour for a few minutes, either to the water cooler or the bathroom to help stretch your legs.

Swap Out Your Seating:

Sometimes desk chairs can get old, hard, and just plain uncomfortable! Try swapping out your old chair for a medicine ball to get your core engaged. If you can, get a standing desk and alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Your legs will thank you in the long run! Also, many studies show that sitting too long can be dangerous to your overall health. Get up! Stretch! Get Moving

Give Your Hands and Arms a Break:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a huge problem for many people who work in an office all day. Stand up at your desk and place your hands on the desk backwards, with your fingers facing towards your body. Lower your body slowly until you feel a stretch in your arms. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat throughout the day as necessary.

If pain persists throughout the day, you may need to seek relief with the help of an Arizona pain specialist. Arizona Pain Treatment Centers is here to help you get your game back, as well as provide pain management treatments to ease the pain. To learn more about the pain treatment options available at Summa Pain Care, call (623) 776-8686 today.

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