Suffering from leg and back pain? Want to lift the burden of pain?

The Vertiflex Procedure – A minimally invasive treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis from Vertiflex®, Inc. Do you experience numbness,pain, cramping, or a tingling feeling in your legs, calves, or low buttocks? Aching, dull back pain radiating (spreading) to your legs?

Do your symptoms improve when you sit, lean forward, lie on your back, or sit with your feet raised? If so, you may be a candidate for the Vertiflex procedure.

Moderate lumbar spinal stenosis(LSS) is most likely causing the symptoms you are experiencing. LSS is the result of aging and “wear and tear” on the spine from everyday activities. Your symptoms may be caused by a narrowing around your nerves.

The Vertiflex proceduremay help restore the natural space your nerves need to provide relief from your symptoms. The Vertiflex procedure uses a small implant that is designed to treat your LSS. The implant is placed between the vertebrae and helps to hold them open, which may alleviate that narrowing that is pinching your nerves.

The Vertiflex procedure has been approved by the FDA. In one of the largest clinical trials for a medical device, the Vertiflex procedure demonstrated long-term success. Patients in the study reported a 90% patient satisfaction sustained through five years. Patients also reported a 80% reduction in their leg pain through five years and 81% improvement in physician function through five years.

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