Viscosupplementation is an impressive treatment option for osteoarthritis during which a thick fluid called hyaluronate into an afflicted joint such as the knees, hips elbows or shoulders in order to recover the properties of the synovial fluid in the joint, achieve pain relief, improve function and regenerate the joint cartilage. It’s a straightforward way to provide more lasting relief for patients who haven’t benefited from peripheral joint injection or are not good candidates for joint replacement.

Over time and use osteoarthritis develops as “wear and tear” upon a joint. The cap of cartilage breaks down at either end of our bones and as a result the bones scrape together, causing damage, swelling and pain. The concept of Viscosupplementation is to replace the cartilaginous cap and lubricate the joint.

Rev Bras Ortop wrote for the National Institute of Health, “Practically any osteoarthritic joint can be infiltrated. The great majority of studies have been on knees, but intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid has also presented good results in hips, shoulders, ankles, elbows, hand and feet 34, 35. Viscosupplementation is done as an outpatient procedure, and the application method has only been well established for knees. It is still a matter for discussion in relation to other joints, for which the quantity to be applied and the frequency of applications will depend on the characteristics of the product and the experience of the professional.”

The Results of Viscosupplementation

According to HopkinsMedicine, “It may take several weeks before you begin to notice a difference. Your relief from symptoms may last for several months. If Viscosupplementation is effective for you, you may be able to repeat the injection (or series of injections) in 6 months or so.”

Typical side effects can include temporary pain at the injection-site; swelling, heat, redness; rash, itching, and bruising around the affected joint, these are usually mild and don’t last long. Similar to peripheral joint injection, infection and bleeding are possible but rare complications.

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