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Summa Pain Care

Peoria, Arizona Location

The incredibly complex and fragile nature of the human body sets it up for inevitable damage sooner or later, sometimes in tragic circumstances. That is why it is a relief to know that Summa Pain Care in Peoria, Arizona, is ready and waiting to help people overcome their injuries and continue to prosper in a happy, healthy existence. With a team that specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, every patient who is taken under their care will receive only the utmost of professional assistance and emerge with greater mobility.

Surgery-Free And Narcotic-Free Treatment

The treatments used at Summa Pain Care are absent of any narcotics or surgeries. They take an approach that relies on helping the body become mobile and active again, incorporating exercises and stretches that restore agility. The end result of these mobile restorative techniques is the alleviation of any pain that is affecting the patient. Back pain, arthritis, headaches and discomfort along the shoulders, arms, elbows and hands become a thing of the past with these advanced practices. Hip, knee and ankle pain can disappear, and even injuries endured in sports, work and motor vehicle collisions can become much easier to endure when these treatments are employed.

Spinal Decompression System

This innovative process has also led to the development of the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System, which applies pressure to any damaged disks and joints within the spine that alleviate them of their painful symptoms. With state-of-the-art technology and a high success rate, this system results in drastic improvements for patients’ comfort and ability to deal with spine-related injuries and other problems.

Highly Qualified Staff

The staff members of Summa Pain Care are university-trained and specialize in a whole host of services, such as radiology, physical therapy, medication management, interventional pain management and more. Their unique approach to healthcare and pain relief have been proven to be hugely favorable among the people who choose to employ their services. To learn more about Summa Pain Care, call 623.776.8686 today.