What We Do

Summa Pain Care has adopted an entirely new approach to diagnosing and treating your pain condition

The focus at our facilities is mobility instead of strength, correcting abnormal physiology instead of diagnosing dysfunction, and tailored treatment programs instead of generic physical therapies.

Diagnosing and Treating Your Pain Condition

There are five (5) relevant pain producing structures in the human body when we consider musculoskeletal pain syndromes. It is up to the physician to identify and effectively treat them. Patients in our facilities are asked specific questions about their pain and then examined using a scientific approach. The cause-and-effect relationship of abnormal physiology and pain production is identified. For spinal conditions a patented radiographic examination is utilized to provide a proper exercise program, not to diagnose.

Treatments at Summa Pain Care are supervised by the physician. Insights from this have produced new techniques for modalities and new methods of exercise and stretching protocols. We do not prescribe narcotics, prescribe weeks of therapies, or involve psychologists in our treatments. A multi-disciplinary approach is needed only when no one knows how to provide proper treatment.

Restoration of mobility normalizes physiology, the endpoint we need to get pain relief. We achieve this at Summa Pain Care rapidly. For example, our low back pain patients are treated in an average of four (4) days, without expensive tests like MRIs.

Normal physiology cannot be achieved with treatments like chiropractic, IDET, radiofrequency nerve ablation, epidural steroid injection, or surgery.

At Summa Pain Care you have our personal guarantee that you will find our facility to be the best in pain treatment.

We have personal and third-party outcome studies for our treatment programs.

  • 96% of our patients are satisfied with their treatment outcome.
  • 91% or our patients return to the same job, without time off, without job retraining.
  • 90% of our patients are treated in less than 15 days (compared to 65% in other programs–American Academy of Pain Management)
  • 65% of our patients were over 90% improved (compared to 25% in other programs–American Academy of Pain Management)
  • 95% of our patients had significantly less cost of treatment than those in other programs (American Academy of Pain Management)