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Abnormal conditions within the human body trigger lots of unnatural hardships that simply do not belong. Some pass by, while others linger and interfere with our day-to-day lives. These pains inhibit our happiness, and they have got to go. Summa Pain Care in Phoenix, Arizona, seeks to correct these abnormalities, ridding the body of any discomfort, no matter how minor or major it may be in areas of the human body like the back. Their innovative approaches to treatment have resulted in the corrections of tens of thousands of patients who now live happy, comfortable lives.

An Innovative Approach To Pain Treatment

Back pain may feel like trivialities when they initially arise, but a continuous stream of annoyances proves these problems to be much bigger than what patients first estimated. Pain in these areas typically originates from a great deal of strain and pressure that is put on them. Parts that are affected are usually the nerves, discs and joints of the back. To pinpoint the exact locations of the symptoms, it is up to the patient to describe to his or her physician where they ache most profoundly, ensuring a proper and productive physical examination.

Spinal arthritis can be the genesis of significant back pain as well. It causes a lot of strife during everyday activities like turning around and bending over. This form of arthritis in the spine is the result of the cartilage in the discs and joints of the back wearing out.

The practitioners at Summa Pain Care employ methods that are noninvasive, intending to help the body regain mobility and cause the pain areas to disappear. Soreness and aching within these regions are managed via a series of exercises that involve a lot of stretching and relaxing. The proper amount of physical therapy and sometimes epidural and facet joint injections can prove useful as well. To learn more about how Summa Pain Care can help provide relief for back pain, call our Phoenix location at 623.580.4357 today.