Hip Pain

Summa Pain Care offers all of the non-surgical treatments available for hip pain

Hip pain can be severe and debilitating. The hip joint is a ball and socket joint with a nearby area called the trochanter where the hip tendons attach. Pain from the hip area can be from the joint itself or from the surrounding tendons or ligaments. At times pain referred from the back or other places can be perceived as coming from the hip. Hip area pain makes it very difficult for patients to walk normally but even lying down can be painful. At Summa Pain Care you will get the proper examination, proper evaluation, and proper treatment options for  your hip area pain.

Hip Pain: Summa Pain Treatment


Hip joint pain can be from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The range of motion will decrease as pain increases usually and walking will be painful. The pain will be felt in the groin but can also be along the side or buttock. Injection of steroid or viscosupplementation into the joint under x-ray or ultrasound guidance helps relieve the pain quickly and effectively. If the joint arthritis is severe, radiofrequency ablation of the nerves to the hip joint will reduce the pain and increase quality of life without surgery.


Those who suffer from tendonitis or bursitis typically experience pain on the side of the hip. The pain can hurt with walking or even lying down. The tendons can just have inflammation or have tears producing the pain. An inflamed tendon may respond to steroid but a torn tendon will do best with regenerative techniques like PRP or the Tenex procedure.

Necrosis and cartilage defects

At times there is a focal area of cartilage that is injured or a focal area of bone that dies from injury and lack of blood flow. This can affect a small or large area of the hip joint. These are severe injuries that can be improved with regenerative medicine techniques like PRP, alpha macroglobulin, and stem cell injections.

If you are experiencing pain in your hip that is related to any of these common medical conditions, it is important to seek help from an Arizona pain management expert. A pain doctor can help you manage your hip pain by recommending several different treatment options. To learn more about the treatments available from the pain management specialists at Summa Pain Care, call (623)776-8686 today.