Kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which uses two inflatable bone tamps or IBT’s (we’ll call them ‘balloons’ because its easier and still accurate) inserted into fractured vertebrae and very precisely inflated through volumetric control to reduce the fractures and push the vertebral endplates apart, correction spinal compression and angular deformity, as the balloons are removed the cavity created is filled with bone cement to make the correction permanent.

According to manufacturer, Medtronic,

“The balloon kyphoplasty procedure typically takes about one hour per fracture and may be performed in an outpatient setting. The procedure can be done using either local or general anesthesia; the specialty physician will determine the most appropriate method, based on the patient’s overall condition.”

Kyphoplasty can seriously improve the quality of life for people with severe or debilitating pain caused by compression fractures due to trauma, stress fracturing or osteoporosis, providing increased mobility, and reducing the use of pain medication. Unique to many treatments Kyphoplasty can even correct significant spinal deformities and restore lost height!

The greatest asset of radiofrequency ablation is that it is a nonsurgicalprocedure that is very effective in treating multiple joint pain complaints with essentially no recovery time.

What to Expect If you Undergo Kyphoplasty

  • The kyphoplasty procedure itself takes about anone hour per vertebra being treated.
  • Immediately following the kyphoplasty procedure patients are placed under observation.
  • You can expect to spend one day in the hospital after the kyphoplasty procedure and should plan accordingly.
  • Expect to not drive until you are given approval by their doctor. If you are released the day of the kyphoplasty surgery, then you will need to arrange for transportation home from the hospital.

For some patients, the pain relief is almost immediate. But for others the elimination of pain is reported in a few days. You can expect to return to normal daily activities, naturally avoiding strenuous activities like heavy lifting for a minimum of six-weeks. Any treatments to reduce or reverse bone-loss from osteoporosis should of course be continued.

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