Painful Conditions

Painful conditions and significant pain can arise from a variety of sources

A multitude of treatments exist for almost every pain complaint, some better than others. All treatments provided are directed to the underlying cause of the discomfort. Pain is a symptom, a manifestation, of an abnormal physiology.If the abnormal physiology is treated, the pain will promptly resolve. We believe this to be true of all pain complaints. We do not treat pain. We treat the cause of it.

Painful conditions treatment

Rehabilitation is the restoration of function. When there is a pain, a structure is not doing its job properly. Treatments are directed to the structure so that it can. When the physiology has returned to normal, there will be no pain. Treatment programs ought to be tailored to the person based on underlying spinal curvature, joint contractures, or other abnormalities. Generic treatment programs can only produce an average outcome because it is a random approach, so some may improve and some may not. Specific programs, targeted at the underlying problem, are the only way to get sustained relief.