Traveling for the Holidays? Here are Three Tips for Managing Pain:

For many of us, the holidays are a busy time for travel, as we hit the road or jump on a flight to see family and friends. And, while this time of year is all about spending time with those we love, it can often be interrupted by pain induced by traveling conditions.

Here are some helpful tips for avoiding injuries, managing pain, ensuring a comfortable traveling experience during the holidays.

Choosing the Right Baggage

It might be more convenient to take one large bag but opting to bring 2-3 smaller bags will significantly decrease the weight and pressure put on your back when traveling. Whether traveling via car or at their airport, remember to move slowly when lifting luggage and if a bag is too heavy, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Your body will thank you.

Pain During Flights

Hoping on a plane may be inevitable during the holidays if your family lives in another state. But, there are things travelers can do to ease the process, especially if they suffer from chronic pain. If possible, request an aisle seat. The aisle seats are easier to get in and out of, and it allows you to get up and move easier if needed. For long flights, make sure to get up every 30 minutes to an hour to move around throughout the plane. And, for shorter flights, remember that even though it’s not a lot, your seat does recline slightly, so make sure to take advantage. Place a rolled up blanket or pillow behind your back to provide additional support in-flight.

Managing Long Lines

Waiting in lines at airports, train stations and more during the holidays can wreak havoc on your neck, back and legs, especially if you’re carrying bags. If you know, there is a possibility you’re going to be standing in a long line, make sure to wear the right shoes. With the right shoes, your feet will have the proper support needed to endure long periods of pressure. It’s also recommended to stretch periodically while waiting, increasing the blood flow throughout the body. Finally, if you already suffer from  chronic pain or are handicapped, make sure to ask for wheelchair assistance. You don’t want to overdo it if you need to connect to a flight by running through the terminal. Wheelchair assistance will make sure you get to your gate safely.

For more tips on pain management during the holidays or to seek pain treatment, visit or call (623)776-8686 today.

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