The Tenex Procedure: Everything You Need to Know

Adding to the long list of procedures provided for pain relief at Summa Pain Care, the Tenex procedure is rapidly growing in popularity. This minimally invasive procedure is specifically designed to treat pain in your tendons. If you have tried many other methods of pain relief for your tendons with little to no success, the Tenex procedure might be what you need. Find out everything you need to know about the Tenex procedure at Summa Pain Care.

How was the Tenex procedure developed?

The patented technology of the Tenex procedure was developed at the world-renowned Mayo clinic. Studies have been shown to prove its efficacy in treating pain caused by tendon issues by improving functionality and decreasing pain. Many people who suffer from tennis or golf elbow, patellar tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, different types of trauma and more have found relief after this procedure was completed.

The best part is that the procedure is very minimally invasive. There is not a lot of down time after the procedure to recover from. The damaged tissue is targeted and removed so that the body can truly begin the healing process and you can return to pain-free living.

How does the Tenex Procedure work?

There is virtually no preparation to do prior to this procedure. Once your pain care specialist has determined you are a candidate for the procedure, they will provide the following:

  • They will use an ultrasound imaging machine to locate the source of the pain in your tendon. They will visualize first where they need to remove the damaged tissue.
  • Next, they will apply a local anesthetic to the area. This will provide pain relief for the rest of the procedure. The local anesthetic feels no worse than a bee sting. Once the local anesthetic is applied, most people do not feel any pain during the procedure.
  • Then, the doctor will create a small incision in order to remove the damaged tissue. The instrument that is inserted under your skin will send vibrations through the damaged skin and allow it to be broken up and removed. The surrounding healthy tissue will be left untouched and unharmed.
  • A small, adhesive bandage will be placed over the incision area once the procedure is complete.
  • You will go home immediately after to rest.

What is the recovery like after the Tenex procedure?

For most people, they are able to leave the doctor’s office directly after the procedure and drive home. The total recovery time after the Tenex procedure is four to six weeks. After your treatment, your doctor will be able to provide you with detailed post-care instructions.

What are the benefits of the Tenex procedure?

This procedure is safe and effective. It is a non-surgical procedure that allows for faster pain relief than many other options. The incision is very small and does not require stitches.

The Tenex procedure typically can be done in thirty minutes or less. There are also very few risks to this procedure which is one of the biggest benefits. You can anticipate returning to normal activities very quickly. Many people suffering in pain from golf elbow, a traumatic injury to some form of tendonitis are getting great results.

Other primary benefits of the Tenex procedure include:

  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Allows you to return to vigorous activities
  • Quick recovery time
  • Minimally invasive
  • No scarring
  • Very little risks, especially when compared to procedures that require general anesthesia
  • Restores normal function of the tendon by removing scar ti

Who is an ideal candidate for the Tenex procedure?

To be considered as a candidate for the Tenex procedure, you likely have tried many other treatment options for the pain in your tendon(s). Many people who have tried steroid injections, rest, immobilization, and rehabilitation without any relief end up seeking the treatment plan of the Tenex procedure.

Bottom Line

If you, or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain in the tendons, the Tenex procedure could be your ticket to healing and restoring functionality. There’s no reason to continue suffering with pain that has not resolved through other means of treatment. The risks of the Tenex procedure are incredibly low and the outcome is bright. If you are looking to get an evaluation for the Tenex Procedure, call 623-776-8686 to get more information.

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