How to start your day off just right?

Are you struggling to wake up in the morning? Do you dread the beginning of each day with the chaos that is to come? You are not alone if you feel this way.

However, if you work to create a morning ritual, the sun rising will start to bring you a whole new wave of joy. Can you imagine wanting to wake up in the morning, excited for your alarm to go off? This is the best advice for starting your day off just right.

Have your breakfast prepped

Nothing is a bigger downer than trying to figure out what to eat in the morning and calculating if you have enough time to make it. You can easily take that type of stress right out of your daily morning routine by prepping your breakfast the night before (or weekend before). You can even prep several options so you can choose from a few various things.

Here are some easy breakfast recipes that can be prepped ahead of time. The best part is that all of these can be made healthy and satisfying:

Wake up with a shower

Some people believe the key to waking up in the morning is with a nice splash of cold water. A cold shower might sound like a terrible idea, but it can really bring your brain to life. Your hair stylist might also approve as well, as cold water can add shine and seal the cuticle.

Morning in Meditation

A morning session of meditation might require an earlier wake-up time, but some people swear by it. Meditation can help you begin the day by calming your body, focusing on your breathing and getting just in the right mind frame for the day. You never know if this method will work until you try. Start small, even if you just try a quick 3-5 minutes of quiet time.

Some people also choose to have a quiet time of prayer. This time can be used to reflect on the previous day and bring forth new energy for the day upon you.

Stretch and Run

It seems that the recommendation is always to workout in the morning. If stretching, running, lifting weights, Zumba, yoga or any other type of activity is on your daily schedule, try to make it the first thing you do in the morning.

With a workout, get your body energized, your mood renewed and your body’s metabolism moving. It might be difficult to get going, but your body will thank you once you are done. It is also a great way to get it checked off your list quickly and not looming over your head all day. Because as we all know, it is easy to make excuses to skip the gym once our day gets going.


If you want to workout first thing in the morning, but have all the excuses in the world, then prep. Give yourself zero excuses to not get moving in the morning. Have your running shoes lined up next to your bed, ready your workout clothes and have your earphones charged up so you have no reason to not grab and go for it.

You morning will also go more smoothly if everything else is prepped (like breakfast we mentioned above). Prep your work bag, lunch and outfit. Make sure your car keys are hanging where they belong so you are not on a treasure hunt in the wee hours of the morning. You can make your morning go so smoothly if you have everything lined up and ready to go.

Also, prep the coffee. If you are coffee lover, then nothing will wake you faster than the smell of fresh coffee grounds dissolving in hot water. Get a coffee pot that has the option for a timed brew and you will enjoy the smell of each and every morning.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to go out and implement all of these suggestions to be a morning person and start your day off just right. Maybe there’s just one or two things you can do that will change how your eyes open in the morning. Find a ritual that gets YOU excited. Find a purpose to get out of bed each day and it will not seem like a chore.

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