SiLOTM Posterior SI Joint Fusion System

Aurora Spine Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices with the goal of improving spinal surgery outcomes, launched its proprietary SiLOTM Posterior SI Joint Fusion System (SiLO), which was designed specifically for posterior sacroiliac joint fusion, on March 1, 2021.

Aurora Spine claims the SiLO posterior SI joint fusion system is a single graft posterior SI-fusion system, made of human cortical bone and was developed to provide a simple, safe, and reproducible method of stabilizing and fusing the sacroiliac joint.

According to an Aurora Brochure, “The Aurora Spine SILO Posterior SI Joint Fusion System is composed of cortical bone from donated human tissue. The implant consists of three levels of ridges along its circumference to increase implant retention and stability. Dual channels along the length of the implant allow for pressure relief during insertion and distribution of body fluids/ debris at the implant site.”

Sacroiliac joint (SI Joint) fusion is a surgery which fuses the iliac bone (hips) to the spinal column (sacrum) for stabilization. The SiLO Posterior SI Joint Fusion System is a single graft Posterior SI-Fusion System made of human cortical bone as well as was created to supply a straightforward, risk-free, and also reproducible approach of stabilizing and also fusing the sacroiliac joint.

The SiLO graft was developed especially for posterior sacroiliac joint fusions and also consists of three degrees of ridges along its circumferential strong body to raise dental implant retention and security through its distinct“Dowel Anchorage Design.” The SiLO graft is formed for improved 360-degree bone fusion and consists of vertical side-channels that enable additional bone graft material during insertion for improved reliability. The SiLO graft is implanted with custom developed, patent pending instrumentation.

Trent Northcutt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Spine, commented,

“We are pleased with the recent commercial launch of Aurora’s proprietary SiLOTM Posterior SI Joint Fusion System, which we expect to be a key growth driver for Aurora into a market that has gained acceptance among key surgeons and pain interventionalists alike. Also, conducting SI Joint Fusion posteriorly is a procedure that is expected to grow immensely in the coming years, as it can be done through minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and has quicker recovery times for patients.”

He told Orthoworld,

“Conducting SI Joint Fusion posteriorly is a procedure that is expected to grow immensely in the coming years, as it can be done through minimally invasive surgery and has quicker recovery times for patients.”

“SiLO is an efficient posterior approach procedure which results in quicker post-op recovery times and better patient outcomes,” said Dr. Michael Stoffman, a Neurosurgeon at University at Buffalo Neurosurgery. “The SiLO study is an important milestone for the physician community as we are committed to helping patients experiencing chronic SI Joint pain by advancing the benefits of the SiLO procedure through vigorous clinical research.”

“SiLO carries features within the implant design and instrumentation that leads to a congruent fit of the graft within the sacroiliac joint allowing proven bio mechanical stability with a single graft approach to posterior fixation,” said Steven Falowski, M.D., Director of Functional Neurosurgery at Argires-Marotti Neurosurgical Associates of Lancaster, PA . “The IRB approval to start the registry will now allow Aurora to obtain real world clinical evidence in its patients to demonstrate the efficacy and utility of this truly minimally invasive approach.”

According to Ortho world, coinciding with the launch of SiLO, Aurora Spine released a bio mechanical investigation Whitepaper based on cadaver studies.

“The rectangular-shaped graft was placed in the left sacroiliac joint and tested; SiLO graft was placed in the right sacroiliac joint and tested. Results showed that SiLO graft immobilized the sacroiliac joint at the graft site and was more effective at doing so because it interlocks with the sacral and iliac bones.”

The results were that the SiLO graft was reportedly more effective in interlocking to existing bone because of it’s greater size, and it’s round reamer that cut a “precise, highly congruent channel.”

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