Self-diagnosis of your pain symptoms or sources of pain can lead to improper self-diagnosis, delays in receiving proper treatment and relief, cause unnecessary worrying, or even aggravate your painful condition.

We help Arizonians just like you determine the causes of your pain and find the right treatment to help you live a pain-free life. Picture this – you’ve had a constant headache for about a week, and you hit the internet to self- diagnose your symptoms searching for tips for relief. Suddenly, you’re glued to the computer for two hours and after endless web searches, you’re convinced that you have a life-threatening brain tumor, and there’s no way to treat it. In fact, three out of four individuals that self-diagnose and try to self-treat, never see an Arizona pain specialist like Dr. Pannozzo of the Arizona Pain Treatment Centers. Don’t be one of those people that suffers needlessly.

Yes, we’ve all been there. While it seems so simple to rely on the internet to diagnose our ailments, it’s imperative that individuals suffering from pain seek an Arizona pain specialist to properly diagnose the source of your pain and the appropriate pain treatment regimen. That’s where Arizona Pain Treatment Centers comes in. With three pain treatment locations—Phoenix, Chandler, and Peoria, Arizona Pain Treatment Centers have experienced Summa pain specialists ready to help you lead a pain-free life.

So what exactly is a pain specialist? A pain specialist is a medical doctor (M.D.) or a doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) that specializes in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pain. Like a general practitioner, a pain specialist has attended medical school. However, they are different from other MD’s in that pain specialists are experts and focused on treating pain as opposed to general doctors that treat everything from the flu to broken bones.

Here is a list of the various painful conditions treated at Arizona Pain Treatment Centers:


  • Headaches, including migraines
  • Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, and Hand pain.
  • Thoracic and Scapular pain
  • “Slipped Disk,” Sciatica
  • Lumbar, Hip, Knee, and Ankle pain
  • Epidural injection Failure, Radiculopathy
  • IDET failure, Radio-frequency ablation failure


  • Heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sports injuries, Work-related injuries
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Post-surgical joint replacement pains

Don’t settle for self-diagnosing based on some article you read on the internet – we’re here to help! If you would like to learn more about Arizona Pain Treatment and our team of specialists, symptoms, please schedule an appointment at (623) 776-8686, and together, we can help you find relief and live with less pain in your life.

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