Psychological Effects Of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as pain that simply does not go away for three months or more. In some cases, the pain can last for years. This type of chronic, unending pain can have many negative effects – both physical and psychological. While the physical symptoms can be overwhelming for chronic pain sufferers, the psychological effects of chronic pain can be outright unbearable.

Depression And Anxiety

Dealing with chronic pain can cause patients to suffer from depression and anxiety. It is normal for pain sufferers to feel helpless. This can lead to a variety of depressive and anxiety disorders that may require prescription medication to effectively treat. Finding chronic pain treatment options that help to ease the pain can go a long way to relieving some of these and other psychological effects of chronic pain.

Irritability And Anger

Many people who suffer from chronic pain develop anger issues that make them difficult to deal with, which can have catastrophic effects on their personal and professional lives. Pain also makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, which only works to exacerbate the issue, causing the person to be irritable and lose their temper more quickly.

Inability To Concentrate

Living with chronic pain can make it extremely difficult for a person to concentrate. Chronic pain sufferers often report experiencing a mental fog brought on by the pain itself and the inability to get the sleep they need to focus on the task at hand. This lack of mental focus can have devastating consequences, which may include lost jobs and failed relationships.

For people suffering from chronic pain, the psychological effects can be more difficult to deal with than the physical pain itself. That is why it is so important to seek the advice of a pain management specialist if you or someone you love is suffering from the mental effects of chronic pain. You don’t have to live with chronic pain. There is help available. To learn more about the psychological effects of chronic pain or to meet with a pain management specialist at Summa Pain Care, call 623.776.8686 today and speak with one of our friendly associates who will be glad to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Pannozzo for you.

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