Peripheral Joint Injections in Phoenix

Pain from irritation or inflammation in your joints can be devastating, exhausting and completely unfair. Many people suffer from acute or chronic pain in their peripheral joints and are desperate for help. Even the smallest of joints in your body can cause a huge disruption in your day and overall well-being. If you are looking for relief, you may be a candidate for peripheral joint injections in Phoenix.

What Are Peripheral Joints?

Typically, peripheral joints refer to the joints located outside or on the periphery of your torso. These encompass the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes.

Despite their relatively small size, even the tiniest peripheral joints can cause significant discomfort when they become inflamed or irritated due to previous injuries or arthritis. Such irritation may result in pain that radiates from the affected joint through your back and buttocks, all the way up to your neck and head.

What is a Peripheral Joint Injection in Phoenix?

Administered through targeted injection directly into the joint, a peripheral joint block or injection involves local anesthetic and steroidal treatment. When performed by an expert, like Summa Pain Care, this treatment can reduce inflammation and irritation, thereby alleviating pain and improving your range of motion.

Although the anesthetic’s effects may wear off within six hours, some pain may return. However, this does not necessarily indicate a failed treatment because the steroid (the second part of the one-two punch) may take up to 24-72 hours or even a week to take effect in some cases.

What Can I Expect During a Peripheral Joint Injection in Phoenix?

At Summa Pain Care, you can expect a thorough history and exam to be completed before any treatment or therapy is advised. For a peripheral joint injection in Phoenix, you will have an appointment time set. Once you are prepared for the injection, we will begin by adjusting your position based on the injection location, either by sitting you up or lying you down. You may or may not be placed on a fluoroscopy table, which enables us to project a real-time X-ray image on a monitor to aid in guiding the injection needle.

Following that, we will sanitize and numb the skin surrounding the injection site. Your doctor will then insert the needle and guide it towards the intended location. Once the needle reaches the targeted area, the doctor will administer cortisone, an anti-inflammatory medication, directly into the joint.

Afterward, we will monitor you in a recovery room. Most patients receiving a peripheral joint injection can return home on the same day. However, in rare instances, we may have to admit patients to the hospital after an injection.

Why Should I Choose Summa Pain Care to Perform My Peripheral Joint Injection in Phoenix?

The quality of care you receive at Summa Pain Care is second to none. We will review your history and make sure you are the best candidate for any procedure we recommend. Our goal is to reduce the amount of medications and treatments you need overall for your pain. Our staff is highly trained, educated and ready to see how we can help reduce your pain.

As the premier pain management specialists in Arizona, Summa Pain Care also,

  • Performs specialized tests for diagnosing your chronic pain conditions.
  • Appropriately prescribes and/or manages medications to any unique conditions at varying levels of severity.
  • Offer a variety of treatment options if the ones used in the past are not working.
  • We can also help reduce or eliminate your prescription pain medications.
  • We are constantly seeking new treatments and new techniques for modalities.

We believe that in order to achieve optimal health and wellness, a comprehensive treatment program must address associated systems and conditions. Hormones play a vital role in promoting a sense of well-being, and we monitor hormone levels as part of your treatment program. Weight management is essential to sustaining treatment gains and promoting physical activity. Additionally, maintaining bone health is crucial in preventing future injuries. Therefore, monitoring and treating bone deficits are integral components of treatment programs, particularly for seniors.

Final Thoughts

Peripheral joint injections in Phoenix are best completed at Summa Pain Care. With locations in Peoria, North Scottsdale and Phoenix there is a location nearby. We will walk you through the process after thoroughly reviewing your case and history. Our goal is to eliminate medications and set you on a path to less pain and more freedom. The use of peripheral joint injections in Phoenix are just one way we can achieve that goal.

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