Omnia Medical PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion system

Approximately 15-25% of people presenting with persistent lower back pain are found to have sacroiliac joint (SI joint) disorder. In fact, as much as 75% of patients who have had a prior lumbar fusion surgery will likely develop considerable SI joint degeneration within 5 years of their spinal surgery.

SI joint dysfunction causes pain or numbness, tingling and weakness in the lower limbs, pain in the pelvic area and buttocks, an unsteadiness or feeling of instability in standing and walking, an inability to remain seated for extended periods and impaired motion from a seated to a standing position.

The PsiF or Posterior Sacroiliac Blend System is a clinical device used to deal with SI joint dysfunction and also SI joint pain. The specialized allograft implant is utilized to fuse the SI joint, providing it with stabilization, and relieving SI joint pain.

The Omnia Medical Spinal Sacroiliac Joint Fusion procedure is a cutting-edge procedure. This treatment entails the implementation of a small device directly into the joint to promote fusion of the joint. Unlike other products which entail placement of a number of pieces of titanium or various other metallic implants, this item is a much less invasive technique to promote the fusion of the sacroiliac joint. The treatment takes about 45 minutes and also is done in a surgical setting.

Here’s what to expect:

  • An anesthesiologist will evaluate your overall health as well as review anesthetic strategy before the procedure. The majority of people are sedated for this procedure without the demand for general endotracheal anesthesia.
  • You will then be brought to the operating room and local anesthesia will be provided right into the skin of your low back.
  • Then, a small incision with be made to permit entry of the parts of the device. The small structural allograft (bone graft) is inserted and also deployed under real-time x-ray (fluoroscopy). This is to enable correct positioning.
  • As soon as the graft is positioned sufficiently, the incision site will be closed with liquifying sutures. You will moved to a recovery area after a sufficient amount of time, you will be sent back home.
  • Most clients experience relief promptly. You will certainly follow up in the clinic with your medical professional within 1-2 weeks of the procedure.

The PSIF system makes use of allograft bone, in a design that followed extensive discussions between spinal experts. Specialist partners with vast experience integrating the SI Joint decided on a style that would certainly make best use of surface protection for blend, while maintaining the convenience of insertion function. The PSIF allograft bone design additionally enables extra ortho biologics to be applied to the surgical area, boosting possibilities for fusion.

Our medical professionals at Summa Pain Care have the PsiF system as a choice to help with clients who have SI pain. This is useful because:

  • It is a one-size structural allograft dental implant (8x10x25mm) (Allograft implies tissue drawn from a contributor– in this instance it is an implant made from benefactor bone product.).
  • The treatment can be made with the posterior strategy which is much more standard.
  • Omnia Medical PsiF only needs 2 independent implants rather than the regular 3.
  • Omnia’s tapered nose layout allows for very easy insertion and also faster treatments.
  • The Omnia Medical Instrumentation makes it trusted for reproducible outcomes.

The PsiF– Back Sacroiliac Combination system has a high rate of success in decreasing SI pain. 77% to 85% experienced reduced pain and an additional 59% to 74% experienced greater mobility.

According to Omnia Medical, MokbelChedid, M.D. a Neurological Surgeon from the Henry Ford Health System said “I have used a number of SI joint fusion systems on the market, both lateral and posterior, and find the PsiF system to be a simple, time efficient, minimally invasive procedure. Key advantages are less instrumentation, less radiation and welldesigned implant. My patients are experiencing less pain and ambulatory sooner.”

Check out the product brochure from Omnia Medical HERE.

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