New Year’s Resolution that you can keep

How about a New Year’s Resolution that you can keep. You’ve been in pain… for a while now. Maybe it hasn’t been that severe… maybe you’ve just kept putting it on the back-burner because you had other things to handle in 2021. Either way, a year has gone by and your back, your neck, your joints some part of you is in chronic pain and yeah, it’s time you did something about it!

For some people a resolution can be energizing and can help you jump out of bed in the morning or off of the couch in the evening. But if you can’t even accomplish that maneuver, maybe THAT should take priority first and BE your New Year’s Resolution. Feeling better is a big goal, and sometimes long term chronic pain is so insidious, so gradual in its progression that we scarcely take notice until one day we realize that there are just some things we can’t do anymore. But it doesn’t need to stay that way for even a day longer.

We’re talking about Back pain that can cost businesses somewhere from $11.6 to $12.7 billion in sick pay and benefits, so before you start off by saying that this would be “selfish” of you to prioritize, don’t get it twisted (like your spine very well could be), what you’re about to embark upon has major benefits and not just for you.

  • Are you calling out a lot from work due to your pain?
  • Is your productivity reduced?
  • Have your hobbies suffered, (How much dust is on those golf clubs? …be honest. Can you even find your tennis racket or you basketball?)
  • If you’re married or have a significant other: Is your relationship being affected by your constant pain?
  • If you’re a parent or grandparent: can you keep up with the kids/grandkids?

We Can Help

Summa Pain Care is focused on Diagnosing, Consulting and Treating out patients for just this type of pain which has gone, unnoticed, ignored or just untreated for too long. What if you didn’t have to just ‘grin and bear it’ or ‘soldier on’? Isn’t it worth at least a consultation to see you bending over, flexing your joints swinging the club, running with the kids or shooting that free throw?

Sure, the little things like sleeping better, using your gym membership (for something other than the pool), replacing your shoes, working on your posture, or giving up smoking all of these things are great and can certainly help you reduce your pain. But the only way pain truly goes away is if it is correctly diagnosed and treated by the experts. There’s an old saying: ‘If it was easy, everybody would do it.’ The truth is, that it takes a lot of hard work, and decades of study to be able to provide chronic pain patients with the relief they need after all this time. Funnily enough though, for patients it really can be easy just to get started, with just a call or a visit. It makes you wonder why more people just decide to ‘play through the pain’.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” Really think about it… have you just become accustomed to your pain? To letting it limit your activities and your enjoyment of life? Has it been so slow and gradual that you just ‘haven’t really thought about it’? It really happens to far more people then you would think. It’s a testament to how hardy we are as human beings that we will bear with and go on, even though treatment often is available, affordable and relatively convenient. Sometimes it just takes somebody else to ask you the question: Why? Why are you putting up with this? Why are you living with this pain? Because you don’t have to. Here’s to a better year in 2022. A better life every day, a life where you no longer have to wonder why you’re in all this pain or can’t do the things you used to. Now what’ll be left to wonder is why your didn’t address the problem sooner, and what wonderful things you’ll do next.

Find your nearest Summa Pain Care location in Peoria, Phoenix or North Scottsdale today and don’t put this off any longer. Unaddressed pain generally doesn’t improve. Call our Phoenix location at 623.580.4357 , you can reach Peoria at 623.776.8686 or contact us in North Scottsdale at 480.786.1771.

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