Natural Pain Relief Remedies for Your Entire Body

For most Americans, the past few months have been nothing short of stressful and anxiety filled. For those suffering with chronic pain, the world may have left you hanging. Perhaps you were not able to see your doctor or you were even unable to leave your home. The good news is that there are natural pain relief remedies you can try for your entire body.

For Neck and Back Pain Relief

For 31 million Americans, chronic back pain is a routine experience. This includes a percentage of people suffering with neck pain as well. From spinal stenosis to arthritis and bulging discs, there are lots of reasons why people suffer from pain. Even daily activities like bending over can cause pressure and inflammation on your spine.

For a natural way to help relieve this pain, capsaicin cream can help alleviate symptoms. Now get this, the active ingredient is chili peppers. Believe it or not, the component of chili peppers that give them their zing is the same ingredient to help reduce your pain. It can also be applied as an ointment, gel, lotion or transdermal patch. The pain relief might be temporary, but it can definitely make a difference.

Another option is vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential for neurological function. When you are deficient in vitamin B12, chronic pain syndrome can arise. Try incorporating natural methods of ingesting vitamin B12 like eating more fish, poultry, eggs and other meats.

For Joint Relief

Over 91 million American suffer from arthritis or joint-related pain. This can be attributed to a lack of cartilage, tendinitis, a broken bone, a sprain or other injury. Over time, natural lubrication of the joint and cartilage begin to diminish, further exacerbating the issue with increased friction and pain.

Boswellia extract is a natural remedy that can help reduce friction and pain of your joints. It is also known as Indian frankincense. For best results, choose a product containing 40 percent concentration of boswellia and take at least 300 milligrams daily. Many people have reported better mobility and less knee pain when using this natural remedy.

Another natural product known to reduce inflammation of the joints is powdered ginger. Many people choose to add it to hot water as a drink first thing in the morning or stir it into lemonade for a refreshing lunchtime drink. Ginger also comes in tablets and capsules. Often people take two to four grams up to three times a day for best results.

Intense Pain Relief

When the pain really dials in, you can turn to all-natural arnica. It is otherwise known as Mountain Tobacco. This natural pain remedy is derived from a flower native to Europe. It is in a gel form and can be applied up to three times a day. Avoid rubbing this into broken or irritated areas of your skin.

Body Movements

When pain takes over part of your body, your entire body can suffer the consequences. Chronic pain can make muscles spasm, soreness radiating all over your body, headaches beating through your head and more. Another approach to pain relief is to try some different stretching movements and techniques.

First, try the pelvic power tilt. For this move, you must lie on your back with your knees bent while your feet are flat on the floor. Then, pull your belly button in toward your spine to hollow it out. Next, life your pelvis slightly off the floor and then slowly lower yourself back down. Repeat 20 times.

Next, you can try positional release therapy. For this method, you will find the most tender part of the muscle that hurts the most. Take a pencil and use its eraser to press down on the tender area for about 90 seconds. When you are pressing down, rotate the eraser to work out the muscle. Be mindful of your breathing during this process. The goal here is to break down the pattern of muscle pain by loosening the tightness.

Final Thoughts on Pain Relief Remedies for Your Entire Body

With millions of Americans suffering through some type of pain, natural remedies are often sought after. Working to reduce your pain can take various turns with multiple approaches. You may also need to take time to strengthen the rest of your body and mind. A pain free lifestyle can be achieved when you understand which methods work for your body.

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