Epidural Injections for Herniated Discs in North Scottsdale.

One of the most common treatments at Summa Pain Care for one-time or recurring pain is epidural injections for herniated discs in North Scottsdale. This quick, outpatient procedure is popular for its quick turnaround time and near instant pain relief. You might be wondering if this treatment is right for you and your herniated disc. Read more to see what the procedure includes and how it may help to relieve your chronic pain.

What are Epidural Injections for Herniated Discs in North Scottsdale?

Epidural injections for herniated discs in North Scottsdale can be performed at Summa Pain Care. For herniated discs and other pain caused by inflamed spinal nerves resulting from spinal stenosis or disc herniation, medication can be delivered to the epidural space. The epidural space, which is a fat-filled area between the bone and the protective sac of the spinal nerves, is the target area for an epidural steroid injection (ESI). This type of injection contains a corticosteroid, such as triamcinolone, methyl-prednisolone, or dexamethasone, and an anesthetic numbing agent like lidocaine or bupivacaine.

The drugs are delivered directly into the epidural space, which is the area between the bony vertebra and the protective dural sac surrounding the spinal nerves and cord. The corticosteroid injection works by reducing inflammation and flushing away the proteins that cause swelling on the spinal nerves. It does not shrink a herniated disc, but it can provide relief from pain that can last from days to years. The goal of this treatment is to minimize pain so that you can resume normal activities and participate in a physical therapy program, which can help improve your spinal condition over time.

How Are Epidural Injections for Herniated Discs in North Scottsdale Performed?

If you are seeking relief from your herniated disc, our friendly staff at Summa Pain Care in North Scottsdale is ready to treat you. Here are the steps we will take to perform an epidural injection for a herniated disc in North Scottsdale:

1. Our healthcare team will use an X-ray machine to help guide the needle to make the injection. This will help ensure the location of the injection is accurate.
2. Additionally, contrast dye will be injected at the entrance site to ensure that the medicine goes to the exact location it is supposed to go.
3. Our team will then inject the medicine itself. Typically, a local anesthetic is also applied to help with pain relief.

How Do Steroids Work for Pain Relief?

Steroids are a group of medications commonly used to reduce nerve pain and inflammation. The way they work is by suppressing the chemical production of cells caused by multiple inflammatory genes.

Reducing the inflammatory response to alleviate pain is a temporary measure that may last anywhere from one week to a year. If the injection proves to be effective, up to three injections per year may be administered. This can be particularly beneficial in reducing the need for oral medication to minimize any harmful effects on the liver or kidneys that may result from prolonged use. It can also delay the need for surgical procedures, providing time for patients to make recovery arrangements or continue essential physical therapy.

Expected Results from Epidural Injection for Herniated Discs in North Scottsdale

The effects of a herniated disc and epidural steroid injections can vary among individuals, influenced by factors such as the intensity of the pain experienced. However, almost all patients experience a noticeable reduction in pain following treatment, with relief often being rapid. For some patients, significant improvement may be observed after just one or an additional injection. During a follow-up appointment, patients are informed of the recommended next steps in their care plan. The benefits of epidural steroid injections can last for a duration of weeks or months, and in some cases, even up to several years.

Why Should I Choose Summa Pain Care for My Treatment?

As the premier pain management specialists in Arizona, Summa Pain Care,

  • Performs specialized tests for diagnosing your chronic pain conditions.
  • Appropriately prescribes and/or manages medications to any unique conditions at varying levels of severity. Also help reduce or eliminate your prescription pain medications.

Find your nearest location in Peoria, Phoenix or North Scottsdale today and don’t put this off any longer. Unaddressed back and neck pain generally doesn’t improve. Call our Phoenix location at 623.580.4357 , you can reach Peoria at 623.776.8686 or contact us in North Scottsdale at 480.786.1771.

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