Chronic Pain and Exercise:

Think taking a day off from the gym will help combat chronic pain? Guess again. Exercise is still one of the best ways to beat or lessen chronic pain. Not all exercises, however, are created equal. Engaging in the wrong types of workouts or overexerting yourself can actually do more harm than good, if not careful. Here are some exercises to avoid on your road to recovery from chronic pain conditions.

If you suffer from knee pain, stay away from exercises that require full extensions off your knee. They can easily be done wrong and can cause long-term problems. Exercises like lunges and deep squats can also be harmful, as they put too much weight on the knee. Finally, avoid running or jogging, especially outdoors, as the high-impact pressure on your joints and spine can be detrimental to recovery.

It’s not just about the joints, though. Taking care of your muscles is equally as important when dealing with chronic pain. One of the worst stretches that a person can do when suffering from chronic pain is bending over to touch your toes without bending the knee. The stretch causes the spine to become unstable, which could lead to injury. Another potentially harmful exercise is sit-ups. If you’re suffering from back pain, the pressure from engaging the core can overexert the back.

Cardio is great, but again, it’s important to be doing the right type of exercises. The type that isn’t going to put excess pressure or weight on achy joints or muscles. Treadmills and the elliptical may look tempting but guess again. The heavy impacts and unnatural range of motion could make pain or injuries worse. Try the stationary bike instead. As long as the seat is positioned the correct way–not too high or too low–you’ll be able to enjoy a great cardio session without worrying about causing more pain or injury.

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