Did you know that you can burn a bunch of calories this summer in the pool, without even swimming one lap? The pool is the place to be this summer, and many people can’t wait to dive right in. When it comes to using the pool as a vehicle for exercise, many people do get bored easily after just swimming lap after lap. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to use the pool to exercise without even doing a single lap. Let’s look at how to use the pool as a great exercise tool that won’t get you bored quickly.

The best part about choosing to exercise in the pool is that it takes the stress off of your joints. If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronically painful conditions, the pool might just be your new best friends this summer. You’ll be able to boost your cardiovascular system, work on resistance training and feel amazing while doing it. Maybe you’ll even get a little tan!

Here’s a few quick tips to remember before heading into your next water workout:

  • Do not go deeper than waist-high level. You want to make good contact with the floor of the pool for stability throughout your workout.
  • Consider wearing water shoes. If you are worried about traction, then buying a pair of water or neoprene shoes will give you the best foundation.
  • Stay hydrated. You can just as easily become dehydrated in the water as you can on land. Load up on liquid and stay hydrated while working it in the pool.

Now, let’s move on to the exercises! Here are the top exercises you can do to burn calories this summer.

1. Water jogging

Easier than on land, water jogging is a simple way to burn those calories in the pool. You may even be able to burn up to 17 calories a minute, if your intensity is high enough. That’s more calories than jogging on dry earth!

You may not be inclined to water jog for 30 minutes straight, so it’s best if you do 1-3 minute intervals, while alternating with resistance training. Who knew that jogging could be so fun? It definitely seems more fun in the water.

2. Chaos Cardio

In addition to water jogging, many people have taken a liking to chaos cardio. The main concept here is to run in a zig-zag pattern around the pool. Then, run back through the currents you just made. This will really help to strengthen and stabilize your core, as the waves you’ve just made are bound to force you to focus more on your movements.

Just remember to keep proper alignment throughout the rest of your body. This means keeping your head up straight and your ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line. This ensures your core does the work and not your shoulders or legs. Adding a little chaos to your cardio is a sure fire way to burn up those calories.

3. Resistance Ball Training

Adding a prop to your water workout routine can be extremely helpful. Many people enjoy adding a ball to encourage resistance training. You can use a medicine ball or even a beach ball will do the trick.

There are two approaches to using a ball. First you can hold the ball in front of you or to the side and run in intervals. The ball will provide additional resistance as your trek around the pool.

Secondly, you can do static resistance moves, using the ball as weight. Think about working biceps and shoulders using various moves and reps. Either method is sure to be fun and challenging in the water.

4. Group Exercise

If you are more motivated in the pool by following a leader, then a pool aerobics class might just the ticket for you. Classes are great because they take the thinking out of the routine, and push you to new limits. You can learn moves to use for later and enjoy a fun filled workout routine. If your gym doesn’t have a pool, check out your local YMCA or parks and recreation center for classes.

If you think this is the summer you’ll get in shape poolside, then you have a lot of options to make it a great time (without even swimming one lap). You can certainly create your very own pool exercise routine, or opt for an instructor led class. No matter what, you are sure to burn loads of calories and keep you joints happy.

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