Best Fitness Apps in 2019

Year after year the most popular New Year’s resolution is to get fit or lose weight. This still holds true in 2019, and for good reason! We start off by stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving and basically give up until the new year. After spending weeks of demolishing cookies, packing in the cakes and other delicious holiday treats, it becomes apparent that a change is indeed needed.

There’s a huge difference in the way fitness goals can be achieved in 2019. Technology is here to save the day and make fitness more fun and effective. The best part is that many apps allow you to ditch personal trainer and save a ton of money by doing it on your own for a low monthly or yearly fee. If you are tech savvy, ready to reach that personal goal, and finish a New Year’s resolution once and for all, this list of the trendiest apps for 2019 is just for you.


The name means “Simply Work It,” and that is what the app claims it can do for you. Sworkit is ready to get your body moving when you are in a time crunch. Many people complain that they don’t have enough time to exercise, but by downloading the Sworkit app, you can get in all the fitness in the time period you can accommodate. Only have 10 minutes to sweat? No problem, Sworkit has a routine for you.

This is app is for anyone at any fitness level. You choose your goal and receive an individual plan. Work out anywhere at anytime with a program that aims to make exercise simple.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an app that highlights your diet. The main focus of the app is logging your nutrition so you can understand where your calories are coming from, or even tracking your macros (a.k.a. macronutrients). Studies show time and time again that people who keep a diary of their food intake tend to be more successful at losing weight, and keeping it off.

This app has free and paid versions. It also allows you to track your workouts for proper calorie counting abilities. Another great benefit is that My Fitness Pal remembers the food you choose from the list, and will make it readily available to track again in the future. Lastly, there’s a My Fitness Pal community within the app. You can add your friends and share your progress.

Lose It!

It has all the features you need to get in shape. You begin by setting your goal and then following the plans the app lays out for you. Track your food, your exercise and join in a growing weight loss community for inspiration, guidance and support.

The additional perk to Lose It! is the embody DNA kit. This piece is additional and offers a specific look directly into your very own DNA. Your genetic results will reveal how well your body is handling the food you are eating and how your DNA is influencing your traits. Some of the traits might seem small, but they can help you break through any plateau and get you the exact plan for your DNA.


Perhaps you are more interested in sound. The Aaptiv app is the best app in 2019 for you if need to have a personal trainer right in your ear. Simply download the app and start by taking a quick quiz. Your preferences will lead you to the workout you will enjoy that will be lead by a personal trainer.

You will gain access to over 2500 classes and counting. There’s ways to filter through these classes to get to the discipline you desire with varying options. You get to choose music preference, workout duration, difficulty and so much more.


If joining a gym just has you worried or full of anxiety, there’s an app to bring the gym home to you. Class Pass gives you all the perks of a gym, but in the comfort of your own home.

When you join Class Pass you simply choose a class from thousands of options. There’s cycling, barre, yoga and many more. Book the class you want, then watch it and work it from your phone. The class is live and the best part is, no one is watching you.

Read through the reviews of each class to find one that is right up your alley. You can also join the Class Pass community and get support and encouragement from other members.

Final Thoughts

If this new year has you thinking about sweating off the holiday pounds or at least tracking your diet, most of these apps will have something for you. They are designed to track your goals, keep you motivated, and keep you moving. Technology is making many aspects of our lives more fascinating and creative. This is just one way to use technology in 2019 to keep your resolution alive and well.

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