Arizona Pain Can Be A Pain!

Arizona has many amazing things to love–from the wonderful winter weather to the endless golf courses, to the scenic views scattered throughout the state. It’s no wonder Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in the country! People are drawn to Arizona because of the long list of outdoor activities that people can enjoy year-round.

But sometimes, being active year-round does have its consequences. As Arizonians, we are an active bunch that constantly pushes our physical limits at work, home, and play. Sometimes, over exertion can lead to injuries or painful conditions that require the diagnosis, treatment, and care of an Arizona pain specialist.

AZ Pain Treatment, your Phoenix pain specialists, have created a list of various activities that may cause pain, and what you can do to help minimize the pains and aches that come from sports and recreation.

Hiking: Arizona has countless beautiful trails to explore. Sometimes hiking can cause knee pain and ankle pain depending on the severity of the trail. Using a cold compress after hitting the trails can help decrease inflammation and provide pain treatment.

Golfing: Did you know that Arizona has over 300 golf courses? That’s a lot of options to help perfect that swing! Unfortunately, the most common golfer complaint is lower back pain. Pain treatment options include massage, electrical stimulation, and cryotherapy.

Biking: Arizona is one of the most bike-friendly states in the nation. Lower back and neck pain are common due to the position on the bike. Shoulder-shrugs, rows, and chin tucks are great ways to stretch the neck before hitting the trails and avoiding serious pain issues.

Skiing & Snow Sports: Many people are surprised to find out that Arizona does get snow! In fact, there are multiple mountains that locals can get their snow fix on. Some common ailments found in skiers and snowboarders include sore legs and back muscles. Ice and massage after hitting the slopes is a helpful way to decrease inflammation.

It is important to note that if any of these pain symptoms last for multiple days, it is recommended to see a doctor to fully assess the symptoms and provide proper treatment. To learn more about your Arizona pain treatment options, please schedule an appointment at Summa Pain Care by calling (623)776-8686 today. Don’t live in pain when you can live and play pain-free.

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