Addressing Chronic Pain in Phoenix

Addressing chronic pain in Phoenix can be unique, frustrating and challenging. With pain medication oftentimes being over prescribed and overdosing running rampant all across the United States, you might be learning that new courses of action are taking place. Some doctors have little to no pain medication therapy to offer their patients or they are uncertain of how to approach your specific condition. It is clearly evident that pain medication only masks the pain, so at Summa Pain Care, we work hard to find the source of the pain instead.

Specifically at Summa Pain Care in Phoenix, our approach encompasses less pills and more correction. You will notice an instant difference as we focus on mobility instead of strength, correcting abnormal physiology instead of diagnosing dysfunction, and tailored treatment programs instead of generic physical therapies. We work to get to the root of the cause of your pain and manage it at that point. Doesn’t that sound better?

How Does A Pain Management Appointment Work?

There are five (5) relevant pain producing structures in the human body when we consider musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Psychological and physiological factors also play important roles when determining your pain management course. It is up to your physician to identify and effectively treat your chronic pain as it presents..

Under the care of Summa Pain in Phoenix, you will be asked specific questions about your pain to dig into the cause and root of the issue. Next, you will be examined using a scientific approach. The cause-and-effect relationship of abnormal physiology and pain production is then identified. This is the key to finding the best approach to your pain management and a pain specialist will help you get to your best treatment options.

How Is Summa Pain Care Different?

Treatments at Summa Pain Care are supervised by a certified physician. Each stage of your treatment requires involvement from the team as they invest in your well-being. Insights from our approach have helped us produce new techniques for modalities. This means that we have unique approaches to your pain care management that do not include narcotics, and are not likely found anywhere else in Phoenix. We have also designed new methods of exercise and stretching protocols to further address your chronic pain as an added bonus.

As stated above, narcotics are not prescribed at Summa Pain Care. That is plain and simple. We also do not prescribe weeks of therapies or involve psychologists in our treatments. A multi-disciplinary approach is needed only when no one knows how to provide proper treatment.

How Do I Achieve Freedom From Pain?

The goal for all of our patients is the same: to reduce or eliminate chronic pain. If you also have this goal, you could very well be helped by an individualized treatment plan from Summa Pain Care in Phoenix. Freedom from pain might even be your biggest goal in life right now. If you have been prescribed narcotic after narcotic or treatment plan after treatment plan without resolve, then we can assume you are ready for a different approach to your pain management.

Restoration of mobility normalizes physiology, which is the endpoint we need to get pain relief. We achieve this at Summa Pain Care in Phoenix rapidly. For example, our low back pain patients are treated in an average of four (4) days, without expensive tests like MRIs!

Keep in mind, normal physiology cannot be achieved with treatments like chiropractic, IDET, radio frequency nerve ablation, epidural steroid injection, or surgery. If you’ve been doing all of these things with narcotics and not seeing results, then it is time to stop running in circles.

What Makes Summa Pain Care Centers The Best?

There’s no competition when it comes to pain management in Phoenix. Summa Pain Care is home to the best staff, amazing doctors and the most comprehensive approach to chronic pain care management. You will not be just another number. Additionally, we depend on feedback from personal and third-party outcome studies to further advance our treatment programs.

We have found that 96% of our patients are satisfied with their treatment outcome. This also results in 91% of our patients returning to their same job, without needing time off or job retraining. We also strive for efficiency and have 90% of our patients treated in less than 15 days. This is a huge difference when compared to 65% in other programs, according to the American Academy of Pain Management.

Finally, 95% of our patients had reported that they paid significantly less for their cost of treatment at our facility than other programs. When you add it all up, there’s simply no better solution for your chronic pain management.

If you are struggling with chronic pain and unhappy with the way it has been managed, do not delay in seeking a new method. Join the happy and thriving patients of Summa Pain Care in Phoenix that have found relief. We would love to hear from you and help you in your pain management journey.

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