A Little Extra Love For The Joints Might Be Necessary

In February we talk about it being Valentines Day, love is in the air, and everything is about romance and the deepest love. But what about showing your joints some love? What about finally getting that swelling checked out? Or that twinge in your knee looked at? What about showing yourself a little bit of love this year, so that way maybe next Valentine’s Day, you can try dancing, or skating or doing something fun?

Joint pain usually isn’t an emergency so people don’t generally treat it that way, but when your feeling pain that’s accompanied by swelling, redness, tenderness and warmth around the joint then it’s time to stop putting this off.

Now inf you’re seeing deformity of a joint, are unable to use it at all, or the pain in it suddenly intensifies with sudden swelling, then jump on it ASAP. Don’t wait!

A Little Extra Love For The Joints Might Be Necessary

See if this applies to you:

  • The knees are the joints most commonly affected by several conditions, and you may feel them giving you trouble when you’re carrying a heavier than usual load or taking the stairs.
  • Do one or more of your joints feel sore and tender when you touch them? Seriously this might seem silly, but tenderness may be an indication that swelling and inflammation are happening, even if you’re not seeing obvious signs.
  • Joints in need of attention tend to tighten during long periods of rest, and regain their mobility after a little movement, that’s kind of normal. But when you’re dealing with stiffness just getting out of bed in the morning or standing up after sitting for awhile, and you seem to need a ‘warm-up’ for just about everything, that’s bad.
  • If that “snap, crackle, pop” isn’t your cereal and it’s in your joints then it’s called crepitus, and when it happens regularly it may indicate that you’re dealing with joint damage.
  • A steadily worsening range of motion is a pretty common complaint for people with arthritic joints, and over time it can slow you down and reduce your balance.
  • Being overweight or obese has always increased the risk of developing joint problems, not only due to the increased load on your knees and other weight-bearing joints. And it isn’t just because of  the additional load, but also the increased inflammation associated with the dozens of comorbid conditions.
  • If you’ve worked in a high-impact field, like construction or landscaping, HVAC or heavy industrial for many years, you are definitely on the list of folks who need to start showing their joints some serious love.
  • Football, baseball, basketball, track and field are all very well known for the heavy use they place on joints. While you land on your feet, twisting and pivoting and move at your best speed, it’s becomes pretty evident that it’s a huge load! Unfortunately, as fun and healthy as these sports are, they are still likely increase your odds of developing joint issues.
  • Speaking of sports… any old injuries? They will significantly increase the need to baby those same joints moving forward
  • Did you give your parents a little something for Valentine’s Day as a kid? Chocolates or flowers? Well, they might’ve given you some hereditary joint problems too! It’s not their fault, but in all seriousness, heredity is a thing.

No matter how you slice it, you’re probably overdue for getting that old twinge, the ol’ wrestling injury or even that new wince you just pulled getting up from your chair looked into and now is definitely the time to do it.

Summa Pain Care is focused on Diagnosing, Consulting and Treating outpatients for just this type of pain which has gone, unnoticed, ignored or just untreated for too long. What if you didn’t have to just ‘grin and bear it’ or ‘soldier on’? Isn’t it worth at least a consultation to see you bending over, flexing your joints swinging the club, running with the kids or shooting that free throw? Or in the spirit of Valentine’s day… dancing in the moonlight, taking a long walk on the beach or a quick dip into the Hot tub make sure you’re smiling when you do it and not hiding a wince or stifling a pained grunt.

Find your nearest Summa Pain Care location in Peoria, Phoenix or North Scottsdale today and don’t put this off any longer. Unaddressed pain generally doesn’t improve, and the benefits of getting back into the gym and exercising far outweigh the costs.Call our Phoenix location at 623.580.4357 , you can reach Peoria at 623.776.8686 or contact us in North Scottsdale at 480.786.1771.

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