IntraVu Needle Arthroscopy

IntraVu’s new MIDASVu system is giving a new Arthroscopic option to doctors and patients

IntraVu’s new MIDASVu system  is giving a new Arthroscopic option to doctors and patients that allows for a far less invasive visualization of a joint’s internal aspects than ever before. Previous methods required a patient to undergo general anesthesia and a recovery time of four weeks, if not longer.

Now with IntraVu’s new form of needle arthroscopy, the MIDASVu, seeing inside a knee, hip or shoulder joint has become far simpler and does not require surgical intervention. This enables doctors to diagnose more effectively and deliver targeted injections, delaying the need for surgery or even avoiding it completely.

“With this system, a doctor is able to definitively assess a patient’s internal injury, as well as visualize precise therapy delivery to the site where it will benefit the patient the most.”

Where arthroscopic surgery can take over an hour, InraVu can be done in 15 minutes or so, while arthroscopic surgery requires two or more doctors visits, the new MIDASVu can be done in a single trip! And finally, the IntraVu procedure gives physicians clear pictures and video from within the joint, significantly reducing inconclusive findings.

What to Expect from Your IntraVu appointment

According to IntraVu, patients can expect local anestesia at the injection site, the scope which is the size of a pencil tip approximately will be inserted into the injured or painful joint, the doctor can then view the injury in real-time allowing for rapid and accurate diagnosis without waiting for results for weeks.

After the procedure is completed the scope is removed from the joint and a small dressing applied to any entry sites (there may be more than one). As with any injection, some slight swelling, soreness or redness at the insertion sites may follow for 2-3 days after. Application of ice and elevation can normally alleviate these side effects.

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