Intracept Procedure

Intracept Procedure

The Intracept Procedure involves introducing a minimally invasive, specialized ‘intracept probe’ into the vertebrae through a tiny incision in the lower back. The doctor then positions the probe to aprecise position at the location of the basivertebral nerve and uses radiofrequency energy or RF heat to disable the nerve. It is also known as basivertebral nerve ablation.

Who Can Benefit from Intracept?

Intracept is for patients that exhibit chronic lower back pain that is believed to be coming from the area of the disc. The pain is often felt to be deep in the lower back, in the midline, aching in quality, and worsened with prolonged standing or sitting but perhaps with motion as well. For decades physicians have tried to treat pain coming from the disc with poor overall result. Newer research showed that the junction of the disc and vertebral body becomes painful in some people and the nerves from this area eventually group in a spot that can be easily targeted. So, after many decades there is now a reliable and reproducible method to treat chronic lower back pain!

The Intracept procedure is not for everyone, however. To be considered for this kind of treatment there has to be a history of pain for over six months and a failure of more common treatments like physical therapy and injections. There also has to be an MRI with specific changes around the disc, called “modic changes”,that are reflective of a painful process around the disc.

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How Does Intracept Differ From Other Treatments?

When a patient presents with chronic lower back pain treatments would usually include physical therapy and epidural steroid injections, or failing those, lumbar fusion surgery with somewhat unpredictable results. Intracept is a brief outpatient procedure that is implant-free and preserves the spinal structure. There is no required time off or recovery period and it provides durable back pain relief in most patients. Thirty percent of patients reported no back pain at 5 years and sixty percent were able to terminate narcotic drug use.

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